4 The Elements is an action 2d platform game inspired by the best games of this genre from the 90s, an excellent recent one that brings the nostalgic vibes from the past with something new and exciting.


Here you will play with the four elements of nature, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, for some mysterious reason they find themselves trapped inside a magical crystal and having to share the same body. You will have to keep switching between the elements to use their different mechanics, movements and abilities, to face enemies, solve puzzles and understand what happened to them as they try to escape from their imprisonment.


Recently, the power of the Crystal began to fade, knowing that the elements were ready to break free as a last resort, the crystal created dimensions by merging elemental powers to prevent the elements from taking hold of the crystal keys and being able to free themselves. Inside you will find four crystal keys to be able to release the elements, they are spread across the four scenarios of the game, such as Mud, Magma, Smoke and Ice dimensions.


For each crystal key, there will be a guardian waiting to prevent the elements from taking possession of it. Each elemental dimension will introduce mechanics and improvements to the elements that you must mix in order to defeat the guardian and collect the crystal key.


The elements still haven’t regained all of their powers, and some of them are scattered across the dimensions. Find these imprisoned powers to acquire awesome new abilities.

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